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    Dog News

    Entry for 5/9/03

    • Cammie turned 4 on March 1st.
    • Cammie chewed Jeff's good pair of Cole-Haans.

    How to distinguish Molly from Cammie

    Molly and Cammie are both tri-color Shelties and they each weigh around 20 pounds. Quite often, Molly gets yelled at for something Cammie is doing (and vise-versa). Here's a few tips for telling them apart:
    • For now, Molly's coat is fuller. Cammie is still maturing, and as her coat comes in this differentiator will disappear.
    • Cammie's right eye is partially blue.
    • Molly is porkier.
    • Cammie's forehead has a white diamond, whereas the white on Molly's forehead isn't as wide.
    • The white on Molly's forehead connects to the white on the back of her neck by continuing between her ears. Cammie's forehead white doesn't connect.
    • Cammie is longer from schnoz to butt.
    • Cammie has freckles, Molly does not.

    Our Dogs


    Molly as an adult -
    June, 1999
    Molly at 6 weeks -
    2.5 pounds - August,
    Molly lives for frisbee, and she's
    awesome at it - 1998
    Young Molly snoozing on Jeff's
    chest - August, 1996
    Molly taking a break from
    playing - February, 2000
    Molly is a Shetland Sheepdog and she was born on June 30th, 1996. We got her when she was six weeks old, and she and Maggie were instant buddies. She's a dominant dog, often hoarding all the toys for herself. She lives to play, and her way of greeting us when we get home is to drop toys at our feet. "Moll" loves to play frisbee. The only problem is that she doesn't quit when she's exhausted.

    She placed 1st in her obedience class during the summer of 1999, receiving a blue ribbon. If you at all interested in obedience tests, ask us what happened during the down-stay portion.

    When Maggie died in the summer of 1999, Molly seemed lost for a while...until we found Cammie.


    Cammie as a
    teenager -
    6 months -
    September, 1999
    Cammie has one
    partially blue eye -
    November, 1999
    Cammie eagerly responding
    after master photographer
    Jeff yells, "Cammie, Come!" -
    February, 2000
    Cammie and JoAnn -
    July, 2001
    Cammie loves to lay in the sun -
    July, 2001
    When we were ready for another companion for Molly, we contacted Dottie's breeder. She didn't have any litters on the way; however, she put us in touch with her friend who had a 6 month old Shetland Sheepdog that was bred for showing but wasn't turning out to be the ideal size. We took one look at Cammie and knew she was perfect.

    CamCam fit right in immediately. She and Molly were instant best friends. She loves to bug me (Jeff) when I'm working from home. About every half-hour, she'll ask for a little attention.

    Cammie also shares some ancestors with Maggie May.


    Mags after
    placing 2nd in
    training - 1995
    Maggie at 8 weeks - 4.5 pounds -
    Maggie was the original
    frisbee queen - the
    picture doesn't do
    her justice, but
    she went high
    for this catch - 1996
    Maggie meets Molly for the first
    time... "What the hell is this??"
    - 1996
    So one day Maggie decides,
    "I'm gonna jump up onto
    the window sill!" -
    December, 1994
    photo of
    Maggie May was our honeymoon dog...we got her the day after our honeymoon ended when she was 8 weeks old. She was born on July 29th, 1994. She was a sable and white Shetland Sheepdog.

    She was our only dog for two years, until Molly showed up. Mags did us proud by placing 2nd in her obedience class (out of 20 dogs). She was very smart: She knew all of her toys by name, she knew who "Dad" and "Mom" were, she knew sit, stay, down, shake, "other" (shake with the other paw), roll-over, and say "yes".

    Magpie died suddenly while we were at her favorite place: The lake. She was only five years old.


    basking in
    the sun -
    Megan curling up under her blanky on
    a cold morning at the lake - October, 1994
    Young Maggie trying to be like
    Megan at the cabin - October, 1994
    Cammie, Molly, and Megan
    impatiently pose for a photo -
    February, 2000
    Megan is partly JoAnn's dog. Her family got Megan, a miniature Poodle, when JoAnn was still in junior high school.

    Megan is a multi-faceted dog. She's a lover and a cuddler, and at the same time she's a lethal hunter (she's stalked and killed several squirrels).

    Heidi and Her Puppies

    Heidi feeding one
    of her litters in
    Sugar and Pepper want to
    play with little Jeffy - 1972
    Heidi, a Miniature Schnauzer, was Jeff's protector from when he was born until he was in sixth grade. She'd let baby Jeff pull her tongue out of her mouth, but she'd snap at any strangers who got near "her" baby.

    Heidi had a few litters of puppies. Two of her most memorable puppies were Sugar and Pepper.

    Heidi lived through two car accidents to the ripe old age of 15.


    Phoebe (left) and JoAnn -
    August, 1972
    Phoebe was JoAnn's first dog. She was a miniature Poodle and was the same age as JoAnn growing up.  This picture was taken across the street from JoAnn's house where Diane and Dana Sandgren would babysit both JoAnn and Phoebe.  Once Phoebe ventured across the street to see Diane and got hit by a car.  She always limped after that.

    Our Dogs' Friends


    Sandy posing for
    the camera
    Sandy meets Molly for
    the first time
    Sandy (left) and Maggie looking
    out our front door
    Sandy poses for
    a photo
    Sandy, a sable and white Shetland Sheepdog, is the dog of our friends the Gergens. She's actually related to Maggie (2nd cousins), which means she's a distant relative of Cammie's. She was born in the summer of 1995. One of the sweetest dogs there is.


    Dottie helping
    Jeff respond to
    Dottie relaxing on our
    Dottie's litter: Randy, Dottie, Jake, Mitch
    and Cris. Dottie is 2nd from the left in front
    Cammie, Dottie, and Molly
    wish they were having fun
    with us on the deck
    Dottie is the dog of our friends Don and Heather. She's a bi-black Shetland Sheepdog, and relatively small (8 pounds at 9 months). She'll fall asleep on Jeff's lap while he's working. Her breeder named her "Dottie" because she's got a white spot on her rear end.


    Abby posing with
    her trademark
    Trying to hide
    from the
    Maggie and Abby forced to pose
    Abby was Don and Heather's first dog. Like Dottie (and Maggie, Molly, Cammie, and Sandy) she was a Shetland Sheepdog, but a blue merle. Abby got along great with both Maggie and Molly. She died unexpectedly in 1998 at the age of 3. We miss you, Abbs.


    The little stinker hiding
    under our couch...
    she can't fit under there now
    Napa before she
    knew how to
    descend stairs
    Maggie, Napa, and Sandy
    Napa helping Jeff do
    Napa Hilltop has to be the most spoiled dog there is. At one time, preparing her dinner involved every major appliance in our friends Jeff and Sheila's kitchen. I guess the first dog is always more spoiled.

    Napa's a Jack Russell Terrier (Wishbone? Eddie?). Jeff N. often jokes that she's a hairy sausage with legs because when you pick her up she's solid muscle.

    Napa is afraid of ski boots. She has graciously offered her middle name to Cammie.


    McKinley partying on
    our deck
    If all the dogs on this page took part in a tractor pull contest, Mick would've won. In fact, if it was all of the other dogs against Mick, Mick would've won. Mick died from lung cancer over Memorial Day weekend in 2000. He was a sweetie.


    Tippy guarding the grill
    at the cabin

    Tippy is JoAnn's Uncle Tom and Aunt Joan's dog. Tippy likes to play a lot... He loves to play and be in the water, but when everything's quiet he chills out.


    Thoren sitting in our
    family room

    Thoren is the Akita of our friends Jennifer and Peter. He's a teddy bear and loves Mickey Mouse dolls.

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