Jeff's Education History

Degrees are listed in reverse chronological order

Master of Software Engineering (June, 1999)

Master of Business Administration (March, 1997)

Bachelor of Computer Science (March, 1992)

Graduate, Cloquet High School (June, 1987)

Bachelor of Computer Science Coursework
Quarter Course Credits Grade Description Comments
Fall, 1987 GEOG 1401 Physical Geography 5 B Elective. Why did I take it?
MATH 1211 Calculus I 5 B Most work I ever put into a class to receive a B.
PHIL 1002 Introduction to Philosophy 5 B Elective. Gotta fulfill that CLA requirement...
Winter, 1988 MATH 1221 Calculus II 5 B
MUS 1001 Fundamentals of Music 4 A a.k.a. "clapping for credit"
PHYS 1271 General Physics 4 B
PHYS 1275 General Physics Lab 1 S
Spring, 1988 COMP 1011 Writing Practice I 5 B
MATH 1231 Calculus III 5 C
PHYS 1281 General Physics II 5 C
PHYS 1285 General Physics Lab 1 S
Fall, 1988 CSCI 3104 Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving 5 A Pascal
MATH 3142 Introduction to Linear Algebra 4 B
PHYS 1291 General Physics III 4 C
PHYS 1295 General Physics Lab 1 S
Winter, 1989 CSCI 3105 Fundamentals of Algorithms 4 A More Pascal
CSCI 3107 Introduction to Structured Programming 4 C Assembly. Don't remember why I got a "C"
CSCI 3400 Discrete Structures 4 C
Spring, 1989 CSCI 3001 Perspectives of Computers on Society 4 B
ECON 1101 Principles of Microeconomics 4 B
MATH 3211 Multivariable Calculus 5 B
PE 1038 Tennis 1 A
Fall, 1989 - The quarter of electives. ACCT 1024 Principles of Financial Accounting 3 A
PE 1032 Badminton 1 A
PE 1067 Basketball 1 A
TH 1101 Introduction to Theatre 4 B
TH 1301 Beginning Acting for Non-Theatre Majors 4 B
Winter, 1990 CSCI 3106 Fundamentals of Algorithms and Languages 2 4 A LISP.
CSCI 5102 Structured Programmings and Software Design 4 C Pascal, Fortran, Assembly.
CSCI 5301 Numerical Analysis 4 A Pascal.
Spring, 1990 ACCT 1025 Financial Accounting 3 A
ECON 1102 Principles of Macroeconomics 5 B
STAT 3091 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4 B
Summer, 1990 MGMT 3001 Fundamentals of Management 4 B
Fall, 1990 COMP 3031 Technical Writing for Engineers 4 A Great class.
CSCI 5121 Introduction to Data Structures 4 C More Pascal.
MUS 1051 Piano Class for Non-Music Majors 2 A
Winter, 1991 CSCI 5106 Structures of Higher Level Languages 4 A LISP, Smalltalk.
CSCI 5122 Advanced Data Structures 4 B Yet more Pascal.
IDSC 1075 Elementary Cobol 2 S
Spring, 1991 CSCI 5199 Problems of Languages and Systems 4 A Computer Music.
MKTG 3000 Principles of Marketing 4 B
CSCI 5400 Introduction to Automata Theory 4 A
Summer, 1991 BFIN 3000 Finance Fundamentals 4 A
CSCI 3101 Introduction to Fortran 4 A
Fall, 1991 CSCI 5201 Computer Architecture 4 B
CSCI 5211 Data Communication and Networks 4 D Funny what happens to your grade when you have to miss half of the class sessions to look for a job.
OMS 3000 Introduction to Operations Management 4 A This course inspired me to get my MBA.
Winter, 1992 CSCI 5502 Introduction to Operating Systems 4 C
ACCT 3001 Introduction to Management Accounting 4 C
IR 3002 Personnel and Industrial Relations 4 S Would've gotten an 'A', darn it. Why did I take this pass/fail?

Master of Business Administration Coursework
Quarter Course Credits Grade Description Comments
Fall, 1993 MBA 8035E Managerial Accounting 4 A Edward Joyce is the best accounting professor alive today.
MBA 8050E Operations Management 4 A Taught by John Nicholay.
Winter, 1994 OMS 8041E Project Management 4 A- Taught by Abbas Kurawurawala.
Spring, 1994 MBA 8055E Business, Government, and MacroEconomics 4 B Taught by Bruce Erickson.
Summer, 1994 MBA 8005E Computer Access 1 S Taught by Les Wanniger.
Winter, 1995 MBA 8010E Management and Organizational Behavior 4 B+ Taught by Stuart Albert.
Spring, 1995 MBA 8070E Problem Formulation and Decision Making 5 A Taught by Carl Adams.
Winter, 1996 OMS 8059E Quality Management 4 A- Taught by John Anderson.
Summer, 1996 MBA 8300E Strategic Management 4 A Taught by John VanHouten.
Fall, 1996 OMS 8056E Production and Inventory Management 4 B+ Taught by Kate McKone.
ACC 536 Federal Taxation I 3 A Taught by Susan Weirich at Seattle University.
ACC 538 Financial Statement Analysis 3 A- Taught by Susan Moyer at Seattle University.
Winter, 1997 ACC 534 Managerial Cost Accounting 3 A- Taught by some guy at Seattle University.
IS 566 Database Management 3 B+ Taught by Mohan Vanmane at Seattle University.
MGMT 586 Entrepreneurship 3 A- Taught by Harriet Buckman Steveson at Seattle University.

Master of Software Engineering Coursework
Quarter Taken Course Credits Grade Description Comments
Spring, 1997 SE 533 Software Contracting 3 A Software procurement environment, contract law, and the fundamentals of negotiation. Specification and control of product and process.
SE 561 Programming Graphical User Interfaces 3 A Techniques for implementing graphical user interfaces in a windowed environment. This class gave me the opportunity to take the time to learn Java.
Summer, 1997 SE 593C Internet Programming 3 A
SE 541 Database Systems 3 A Database management techniques. Survey of database management systems: their use, architecture, design, implementation, and cost/benefit/performance tradeoffs.
Fall, 1997 SE 508 Technical Communication 3 A Communication skills for software engineers. Writing. Speaking. Electronic communication. Structure and content software documentation.
SE 510 Software Systems Analysis 3 A Requirements analysis and specification methods, tools, and techniques; structured and object-oriented analysis.
Winter, 1998 SE 512 Software Design Methodology 3 A Design methods, tools, and techniques; structured and object-oriented design.
SE 531 Software Project Management 3 A Organizational context of software development. Planning, organizating, staffing, directing, and controlling software projects.
Spring, 1998 SE 514 Programming Methodology 3 A Software implementation methods, tools, and techniques. Programming language capabilities. Structured and object-oriented programming.
SE 516 Software Quality Assurance 3 A Managerial and technical aspects of ensuring quality software. Theory of testing.
Fall, 1998 SE 585 Software Engineering Project 1 3 A Three-quarter sequence in which students are grouped into teams, and each team carries out a software project. The sequence begins in the fall and ends spring quarter.
Winter, 1999 SE 586 Software Engineering Project 2 3 A
Spring, 1999 SE 587 Software Engineering Project 3 3 A

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