Kid Pictures

Jeff hasn't gained weight since this picture. The rumor is that Jeff weighed 40 pounds at 9 months, but he's still trying to prove that. JoAnn displaying her table manners. Notice that the photographer actually captured flying cake in this shot. Isn't she a cutie? Jeff and his Grandpa Peisert, touching Jeff's monkey (what an idea for a toy...a monkey with luggage...). Jeff was about two years old in this one.
Here's Jeff on his first birthday in 1970 helping put his new tricycle together. Jeff (on the right) at his eleventh birthday party in 1980. What a time capsule... Star Wars figures on the cake (with a lightsabre centerpiece), Jeff's wearing a Mork t-shirt with the Mork suspenders. Wow. JoAnn's got her cake-throwing under control at this age. This is on the front steps of her parents' house.
JoAnn, her Dad, Paula Foushee, and Phoebe.    

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