Site Feedback

We've received much feedback regarding the website since the GA launch on October 19th, 1999. Here's some highlights:
"Holy crap. Someone did a Google search on me and found your website!!" - Various people.
"I don't have time to play 'Dead Pool 2003'" - Sheila K.
"I'm no longer participating in the contest because not only have I never won, but my entries are not even included in the contestant section. Please don't say my entries were not funny. I am funny, people tell me I'm funny. It is unfortunate that the entries did get increasingly 'blue'. I'm glad I've never sent an off-color or sexually suggestive e-mail or photo caption." - anonymous, submitted 12/21/2000.
"Looks like no one cares enough about Al to submit anything or are you just updating. My counterpart in Toronto keeps whining to me that your contest isn't updated frequently." - David L., submitted on 10/17/2000.
"Jeff, Did you really get into trouble for the web page?  I do like the new one, but who's picture is that on page that declares the new location?" - Patty B.

That's Martin Short doing his "Nathan Thurm, the nervous lawyer" character. Pat's referring to this alert I put up on the site when we migrated to MediaOne.

"Or how about you list your homecoming brushes w/fame.  'Drunk at Homecoming parade.  Broke police barricade to run out and shake hands with Bob Lurtsama.  Fell on my butt and roomates dragged me to the curb before the police could get me.  Girlfriends get pissy and leave.'" - Former college roommate dragging up memories of the past.
"This was the first time I have seen the ski bingo, it's hilarious.  One question for you, why isn't the college chili in the recipe section. Are you concerned that Greg is going to see his recipe???" - Sheila, referring to her plagiarized recipie for chili.

It's on the list, Sheila.

"Hey, don't give up on the concept of race names!  Use "Skutch McCutcheon" in your next race.  If you don't, I'll start training just so I can enter a race under that name." - former coworker in Seattle, regarding Jeff's announcement to discontinue his use of "race names" (a concept invented by Jeff, BTW).
"Is JoAnn (or you) going to post any photos on the new page?" - former coworker from Seattle, obviously chastising me for not putting more effort into the website "beta".

Here you go, smarty:

"Enough about the healthy stuff. Where's the beer drinking records? Or better yet the Absinthe brush with death feat." - former coworker from Chippewa Falls, WI...forgetting the pact a certain group of friends made regarding future discussion of the Absinthe incident.
"Let me know when you get more content out there." - former coworker from St. Paul. Sheesh. "Haven't seen the Neau knowing smile in some time now... but is that a foo on your chin?" - former coworker from Chicago, referring to the "mile 16" running picture on Jeff's running page.

That's two day's growth.

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