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5/18/2005: JoAnn and the kids around Mothers' Day 2005. Kate really was happy here. I just didn't take the picture quickly enough.
10/30/2004: No explanation necessary.
8/30/2004: Luke gives little sister Kate a soft kiss on the cheek. Where's Jake? Terrorizing the nurses.
6/28/2004: Luke and Jake at their 18 month photo shoot. It was quite a switch. Jake was cranky and Luke was a ham. Seriously, we couldn't keep Luke away from the camera. He kept trying to butt in on Jake's solo shots. 
2/3/2004: According to General Electric, we're having another baby!! Let me explain what you are seeing in the picture...  The big black hole is the sac full of fluid. The little circle attached to the top of the sac is the yolk sac. The little guy hanging upside down from the yolk sac is Lil' Angus. You can also see a protective bubble around Lil's bod. Notice that the picture says "LEFT SAC". We almost had another set of twins. Read more here.
1/25/2004: After waiting in line for two hours on Christmas Eve, the boys finally get to sit on Santa's lap. Jake was pretty upset when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas...he hadn't prepared his list. Not only that, but he didn't know what Christmas was. Luke, on the other hand, was a cool cat.
12/19/2003: Happy first birthday to Luke and Jake! Listen to Brad Woodard mess up Jake's announcement, and hear Roxanne Battle save it. Brad's never heard of twins born on separate days. It's as if they both pop out of mom at the same instant...
11/23/2003: The wind picks up a bit and blows snow all over us while we try to take our Christmas card picture at JoAnn's parents' house. Cammie wisely closes her eyes.
10/27/2003: Jake and Luke put on their spooky costumes for the Minnesota Valley Mothers of Multiples Halloween party. In case you can't tell, Jake is a pumpkin and Luke is John Belushi. We determined that when there are 40 kids running around in costumes, it's impossible to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time.
9/9/03: The Neau family atop the Aiton Heights Fire Tower in Itasca State Park on September 3rd, 2003. The headwaters of the Mississippi are somewhere behind us. This day also had the boys' first picnic, they crossed the headwaters, and they met a pair of 84-year old twins. Want exercise? Try walking up a 100 foot steep staircase into a fire tower on a windy day with a 21 pound baby strapped to your chest!
5/5/2003: Donger: "She getting married!" Married? Married. Married? Yes, married! No more yankie my wankie...Bo-hunk Steve Dauplaise and his sexy American girlfriend Paula are engaged!  Now the Donger need food, so after arriving at their reception in his fancy auto-mo-biiile, he anticipates a very clever dinner: appetizing food fit neatly into interesting round pie.
3/19/2003: On the left, Jeff (with Heidi) when he was about two months old. On the right, Jakob when he was about two months old. Notice anything? Jakob has, and he cries a lot because of it.  Click on the left image to see a bigger version. This was scanned from a slide using Jeff and JoAnn's new slide scanner. BTW, Jake is three months old today.
1/23/2003: JoAnn and Jeff are now parents of twin boys! Lukas Joseph (left) and Jakob Arthur (right) were born on different sides of midnight. Lukas was born at 11:41pm on December 18th, while Jakob was born at 12:17am on December 19th.  See more pictures and get more details on the twins page.
11/2/2002: For those who didn't know, JoAnn is now 27 weeks pregnant with twins! Here's what a 26-week old fetus' butt looks like. I can't tell if we're looking at two cheeks and a crack or just one cheek with the baby bent at the waist. See more pictures and get more details on the twins page.
8/31/2002: You don't have to go all the way to New York to pee in the Atlantic Ocean... You can do it from Colorado! They say that a rain drop falling to the right of this sign flows to the Pacific, and a rain drop falling to the left of this sign flows to the Atlantic. I think it simply freezes. 
7/4/2002: Jeff and JoAnn spent a weekend in Seattle (Jeff's old hangout) at the end of June, 2002. While there, Jeff's friend Matt (along with his trusty Cabin Boy, J.C.) treated them to a sail around Puget Sound on his trimaran. Once there was zero danger of hitting anything, Matt let Jeff take hold of the rudder. JoAnn was on the verge of sea-sickness for the last half of the journey.
5/27/2002: Jeff and JoAnn on their 5/27/2002 kayak trip down the Big Fork River. The first "scene" photo taken with our digital camera. We tried to take a picture of the bald eagle that we saw in front of us, but by the time we got the camera out it had flown off to we took a picture of ourselves. Read more about the trip on our kayaking page. At this point, Jeff has four days of beard growth on his face...notice the natural "foo".

4/23/02: Paula Foushee, our friend, and Molly, one of our dogs, share a tender moment at the lake. If you're a fan of Paula, check out the rest of the website for more pictures of her. Here's a few quickies for you: Paula on our deck, Paula at our wedding, Paula closeup, and Paula with JoAnn.

3/30/02: Cammie does her part by posing with the fish so that we could record their approximate size. She looks tame enough in this picture, but after a few seconds she tore into the nearest fish like it was a piece of bacon. Isn't she sweet?
1/24/2002:  Jeff and JoAnn in the summer of 1990. At this point, they've only been dating for seven months, but it's clear that the both shop exclusively at The GAP. JoAnn wore this outfit and washed it before returning it (too bright). Despite rumors to the contrary, Jeff is not chewing in this picture.
10/29/2001: This is from the girls' trip to New York City in August of 2001. After buying imitation designer purses from a street vendor, Sheila, JoAnn, and Pam  thought they'd seize the opportunity to jump 35 years into the future and pretend to be retired tourists from Florida. These ugly sunglasses helped them realize their vision. Luckily, they were only $2 a pair.
8/16/2001: Chaos abounds at the lake. Molly's found a branch that's almost too big for her to carry. Realizing what Molly's discovered, Cammie shows her jealousy by chasing after her to steal the branch. Jeff struggles to keep the dogs in focus and in the picture  as he laughs his butt off at what's taking place. (At least Cammie's front paw is in focus).
7/20/2001: JoAnn holds Cammie and thinks about how long it's going to take to groom her. Cammie tries to avoid the grooming by pretending she's spotted some mischief off to the side. JoAnn is not fooled. Being just a dog, Cammie is unaware of JoAnn's insight into her mannerisms.
1/8/2001: JoAnn prepares to enter Paul Revere's house during our trip to Boston in October, 2000. The ride of Paul Revere started here. Paul was standing at his kitchen sink washing dishes (next to the door) when he saw the British coming. JoAnn sits at the point where the British were when Paul saw them. Paul screamed "iiiiiiEEEEEEE!", ran out the front door and rode to Lexington on his trusty horse "TRUSTY." Sadly, the dishes never got done that night
12/20/2000: Jeff warms his tootsies after removing his Thorlos (sitting on radiator). The aroma is invigorating. This photo was taken after a hard day of skiing at Lutsen in northern Minnesota during the holiday season of 1995.  Jeff looks off at something, although we don't remember what. Odds are that Sheila was putting on yet another exhibition, or Jeff's simply contemplating throwing a fully-clothed David Joseph into the swimming pool later that evening. This was the same day as the photo shoot for Ski Accident Bingo
11/30/2000: JoAnn dares to enter the Salem Witch Trials Memorial alone in October of 2000. She's seen here reflecting on the 19 people from Salem's past who were accused of witchcraft and hanged (one was crushed to death). She has made no contract with the devil. Those little "seats" sticking out of the wall aren't seats at all...they are spooky memorials like this one.
11/2/2000: Cammie, JoAnn, Molly, and Jeff in their Old Town Loon II tandem kayak. This picture was taken on Trout Lake, Itasca County Minnesota on the Fourth of July weekend in 2000. And yes, that's a life-preserver on Cam. 

9/2/2000: Cammie (airborne - left) and Molly frolic at the lake while JoAnn "patiently" waits to go for a walk.

7/12/2000: Jeff's not too happy after getting whacked in the eye with JoAnn's kayak paddle. This picture was taken at lunchtime...half way through our Memorial Day Rice River excursion.

6/28/2000: We mountain biked 90 minutes up and down a rocky trail to get to this spot. This picture is taken in Red Rock Canyon, about an hour outside of Las Vegas. We were there for nearly a week for Jeff's annual company meeting.

6/22/2000: Jeff getting annoyed (and in desperate need of a haircut) in Hong Kong in the summer of 1984 (between 9th and 10th grade). As you can see, Jeff is a bit taller than the average Hong Kong resident. A common quote we heard was, "Ah! Such a big boy! Special sale just for you!".

3/27/2000: Jeff and JoAnn at 11:55pm on December 31st, 1999. We saw Dennis Miller, Dana Carvey, Victoria Jackson, and Kevin Nealon from 7pm to 9pm, and then drove to "The Local" for dinner, drinks and New Year's celebration. Much to our dismay, however, the kitchen had closed. Luckily, the barkeep was able to scrounge up bread and olives for us. Later, on the freeway, the front left wheel fell off of Jeff and Sheila's Grand ol' Cherokee. We could've died. Instead, we got a ride home from my mom and chowed frozen burritos.

2/23/2000: JoAnn captures master photographer Jeff in the act as he takes a black and white masterpiece of Molly and Cammie. This picture was taken on 2/19/2000 up at the cabin just before we went for a walk. JoAnn's parents are on the right acting as if they aren't getting sick of all of the dog pictures Jeff's taking. Frozen Caribou Lake is just down the hill in the background.
2-16-2000: JoAnn getting wired in Times Square on the evening of December 19th, 1997. We're wasting time before going to see Paul Simon's failed musical "The Capeman". This is just after we were kicked out of some park that we accidentally wandered into. JoAnn's eyeing "Peep World" in the distance (not to be confused with "Peep Land").
1-30-2000: Jeff fondling Chardonnay grapes in Sonoma County: taken during Jeff & JoAnn's vacation to wine country on their fifth wedding anniversary (September 17th, 1999). Next time you drink a Sonoma County Chardonnay, think of Jeff's hand on your grapes.
12-07-1999: JoAnn atop Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island in Maine - September 1998. This is the first spot in the United States to see the sun rise. In the background is the tourist trap 'Bar Harbor' and Frenchman Bay. The Love Boat is anchored just off the coast outside of Bar Harbor. Thus, we named this episode 'Love For Issac'.
11-19-1999: Jeff and JoAnn frolic in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina. Despite the crookedness of the shot, Jeff adjusts. A Russian submarine readies for battle in the distance. Note: Be careful in asking friends to take your picture, because when you're walking away from them to get ready for the shot they'll do this.
11-02-1999: You can't get much higher than this in Colorado without going outside the ski area boundaries. Here's JoAnn (with her parents close behind) at the top of "The Legend", Arapahoe Basin, in Summit County, Colorado. Down the slope on the left of the picture is the Lenawee Lift. A mountain goat munches on something (a rock??) a few hundred feet to the right of this picture.
10-23-1999: Jeff introduces Molly (dressed as Leather Tuscadero) and Cammie (dressed as Joni Cunningham) to KARE-11's Pat Evans at "Dog Day Afternoon", an all day dog event in Loring Park, Minneapolis.
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